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Empowering Female Entrepreneurs: A B C S UK’s Remarkable Journey and Latest Achievement

In the dynamic world of finance, recognition is a testament to unwavering dedication and exceptional service. We are thrilled to share that A B C S UK, a leading bookkeeping and accounting firm based in East Malling, Kent, has once again emerged triumphant, securing a prestigious accolade at the 2023 Worldwide Finance Awards.

The Worldwide Finance Awards, overseen by the esteemed Acquisition International, serves as a distinguished platform honouring outstanding individuals and businesses that exemplify financial excellence. A B C S UK's recent triumph being named "Most Innovative SME Bookkeeping & Accountancy Solution in the UK" underscores its founder's visionary leadership and the firm's steadfast commitment to delivering unparalleled financial services and business support.

CEO & Founder Stephanie Marshall MICB PM.Dip ICPA has a passion for guiding fellow female entrepreneurs on a path to success, all while nurturing a balanced work-life equation, has been the cornerstone of A B C S UK's journey. "Accepting this award on behalf of A B C S UK is a true honour. Our pursuit has been fuelled by a deep desire to empower female entrepreneurs, enabling them to achieve their ambitions and strike a harmonious balance between professional and personal realms," shared Stephanie. This recognition further galvanises the firm's mission to provide top-tier bookkeeping and accounting solutions that empower businesses to flourish.

This isn't the first time A B C S UK has been recognised for its outstanding contributions. In fact, this marks the second consecutive year that the firm has secured a place in the spotlight at the Worldwide Finance Awards. Last year, the firm proudly clinched the title of "Best Small Business Bookkeeping & Accountancy Firm - Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey and Sussex" a noteworthy distinction that underscores A B C S UK's steadfast pursuit of excellence.

A B C S UK's prowess in deciphering intricate financial landscapes, coupled with its commitment to nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial spirit, cements its position as a trailblazer in the industry. The multi-award-winning founder continues to inspire aspiring business leaders, fostering a culture of achievement and innovation.

What sets A B C S UK apart is its unique approach of merging financial expertise with an unwavering commitment to supporting fellow female entrepreneurs. Through this approach, the firm not only champions financial success but also champions the dream of striking a harmonious balance between business pursuits and family life. With an unwavering focus on achieving six and seven figure business goals and beyond, A B C S UK is actively contributing to the growth of businesses and the fulfilment of entrepreneurial aspirations.

About A B C S UK:

A B C S UK is a distinguished bookkeeping and accounting firm situated in East Malling, Kent, UK. Founded by a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, the firm stands as a beacon of exceptional financial services, while championing the cause of female entrepreneurs. With a vision to empower women to chase their entrepreneurial dreams without compromising their family lives, A B C S UK continues to redefine success in the business landscape.

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