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HMRC extends Self-Assessment Deadline...Here's what you need to know

HM Revenue & Customs have announced they have extended 20/21 filing and payment deadlines for Self Assessment taxpayers. There are 2 parts to this announcement, see below:


Anyone who can not submit their self-assessment by 31st January 2022 will now have until 28th February 2022 to submit without penalty.


Anyone who can not pay their tax by 31st January 2022 now has until 1st April 2022 to pay without having a late penalty charge applied to their account. Please note however, after 28th February 2022, interest will be applied on the outstanding amount. If you think you will still be unable to pay by 1st April 2022, you can contact the HMRC and set up a Time to Pay arrangement with them.

You can read more here:

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